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Pool Opening Service

 Pool Opening Service- Starting at $400 (price varies by pool)

Additional Charges for Pools with Attached Spa/Hot tubs, In floor Systems, Water Features etc. Please contact us for more detailed pricing. 

Our startup services include the following:

·      Remove cover, fold and leave next to pool. (cleaning of cover is not included, cover MUST be drained and cleaned prior to arrival)

·      Remove all winter plugs, skimmer plates, gizzmos.

·      Re-Install all Skimmer baskets, drain covers and return jets.

·      Re-Install all ladders and handrails.

.      Install Filter Grids and Cartridges, lubricate and inspects all o-rings on equipment

·      Start up and inspect filter system. Identify any concerns or recommendations.

·      Check and start pool heater, (if issues such as mice or debris buildup are found in heater we will not be able to start it)

·      Set pool timer.

.      Once pool is running a full inspection of the pool function and equipment will be completed and any issues will be noted if found.

.     Upon start up, the pool and filter system will be documented for any issues, a video will be taken of the pool and system running and

      any issues will be documented. If an issue arises after the opening has been completed that requires a return visit a service call fee

      will be charged.  

·      Please  note that chemicals, cleaning or vacuuming are not included. 

*Pool covers need to be drained and cleaned before we arrive. 

*Cleaning and Chemicals are not included.

*Parts and service not included,any service work will be billed as a separate service call. 

Add on Options:

Spring Pool Startup: Starts at $200 plus cost of openingPlease note this is not a full cleanup or in depth cleaning. 

-Leaf/debris vacuum large debris out of pool. (Full vacuum or vacuum to waste not included)

-Add Shock to Pool to super chlorinate water

-Brush and scrub walls and floor of pool

Customer is responsible for final cleaning and chemical balance once algae has cleared, Pool will be cloudy once this service is complete, 

Pool needs to filter for 24-28 to allow algae to fully clear. Again this is not a full cleanup and is designed as a starter service to help start

the cleaning process for the pool..

Salt Cell inspection and Cleaning-$40

Filter Cleaning-$125

Sand Change-$1 per pound

Replacement Filters and Cartridges. Price Varies

Service and Repair- $200/hr

Pool Opening Procedure:-All Steps Must be followed


Before our team arrives, the following tasks need to be done:


1. Allow Access to the Pool - Make sure all gates are unlocked and we have full access to your pool and equipment.


2. Drain and Clean Off Your Pool Cover -Pool covers MUST be cleaned off as best as possible.

TARP COVERS: If the cover is full of water and debris we WILL NOT open your pool and will reschedule for a later date. 

This policy will be strictly enforced. It is the pool owners responsibility to maintain the pool cover over the offseason, if the cover has not been

maintained and is full of water and debris we will not be able to open the pool. 


3.Leave all skimmer baskets/ jets, ladders, handrails and equipment by the pool or filter.

If we cannot find them we will not be able to put them in place, If we need to return for a return visit due to missing items or items not being

left out there will be an ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


4.Turn on Power to the filter and allow access to pool timer and breaker.

If we are not able to run the system the system cannot be checked for leaks, If we need to return for a return visit due to missing items or

items not being left out there will be an ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


5.Fill Pool Water level to Proper Levels before our arrival (halfway up skimmer) 

If we are not able to run the pool and need to return to turn the pool and  inspect the system for any issues ADDITIONAL CHARGES apply.


We do not need anyone to be present at the time of pool opening, Due a very full schedule we will not be able to provide exact arrival times,

we do apologize for this but as long as we have access to the pool and pool equipment and the above steps are followed we will be able to

complete the pool opening as scheduled. 


If issues arise during the opening process that require repairs, a separate service call will be needed. Repairs are not included as part of the

opening process. This would include leaking pipes,  Pump/motor issues, Leaking Filters, electrical issues etc. 


Cleaning and Chemicals are not included in the opening process unless requested. 


All details on the pool opening process can be found here on our website:


Please bear with us while we navigate the busiest time of the season, like most small businesses we are short-handed this year and our team is

working as hard as we can for all our customers. By following the above steps this will ensure that your pool opening goes smooth without issue. 


We know there is a lot of information here so please feel free to reach out with any questions.



Before Scheduling Please make sure your pool is located within our service area
Schedule Your Pool Opening 
Please Fill out form Below
Schedule is first come first serve and is subject to our availability

***Please note Schedule for May 2024 is Full
We still have availability Mid June***

Important: Please read Pool Opening Procedure above, all instructions must be followed prior to opening.

Thank you for submitting a pool opening request. A Crowley Pool representative will be in contact as soon as possible. 

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