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2021...Another Crazy year ahead!

2020 was the busiest year in history for the pool industry. The entire industry experienced an unprecedented and historic demand last year. Many pool builders are currently booked out up to 2 years. Above ground pools and liners are still very hard to find and there are many rumors of supply shortages on many different items that will effect not only pool professionals but pool owners as well.

The biggest shortage being chlorine tablets. Due to a chemical plant fire last fall and last seasons high demand, chlorine is expected to be in short supply this season. Pricing is also expected to be affected and prices may increase significantly. We are working with all our suppliers and vendors to secure enough chlorine to supply us for the entire season. We recommend stocking up on chlorine early to avoid possible shortages this summer.

We are working on stocking up on common and popular items such as pumps, filters and common parts. Our goal is to limit having to order and have our customers have to wait on back orders next season. While we can’t stock every item we are going to do our best to stock all the common items that we know our customers will need and use

It is still very early and winter has just begun but we are pushing all of our customers to schedule their pool openings and services now. Believe it or not our schedule is already filling up and we fully expect to fill our schedule this spring. Our schedule is first come first serve so to reserve your spot please do so as soon as possible.

If you know you will be in need of big projects such as liner replacements, new equipment installations, heaters etc. We highly recommend contacting us as soon as possible to discuss your projects. For most of our projects we are ordering materials now to ensure we can get them by spring.

Projects our that our team completed this winter:

Last spring certain some items were back ordered for 6-8 weeks. To avoid these long wait times and missing out on summer we encourage everyone to begin thinking about their projects and pools now.

Another step we are taking to meet this upcoming seasons high demand is we will be hiring more staff. All our staff will be going through extensive training over the off-season to prepare for this seasons high demand. Staff will be meeting weekly for training from now until April. Education is something we take very seriously at Crowley Pool Service.

We will continue to update throughout the winter months but we just want to stress to everybody that this upcoming pool season is going to be a very busy one for the entire pool industry and want to bring awareness of that to our customers.

As always we are available all winter please reach out if you need any assistance.



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