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Education is the key to success.

Education and training is one of the most important things we stress here at Crowley Pool Service. During the off-season we take every opportunity we can to attend trade shows, training, and other industry events.

Northeast Spa and Pool Association Atlantic City Pool Show:

This past January our entire staff traveled to New Jersey for the New England spa and pool association’s pool show. This is an event we attend every year as it is one of the biggest pool expos in the entire United States. During the week long event our staff attended classes daily . Some of the classes included energy efficiency for pool, updates on federal codes and standards for Pools ,  electrical training , leak detection tips and techniques , Water chemistry training and. water chemistry training and much more. This event is a must go to for any pool professional especially here in the Northeast.

Everything under the sun pool expo Orlando, Florida:

In February our staff traveled down to Orlando Florida for the Everything Under The Sun Expo. This show was a great way to see how pool professionals operate in a year round climate. We spent most of our time attending education workshops learning all about leak detection techniques and about energy efficiency methods for new pool pumps.

We had the opportunity to listen to the Pool Chasers Podcast live with Lucas Congdon of Lucas Lagoons star of the hit TV show Insane Pools. After the show we got to chat with Lucas, the pool chasers and other pool professionals. For anyone who may want to listen to the podcast episode here is the link: Future Training and Education:

Coming up in March we will be attending training with several of our equipment manufacturers . These sessions are a great opportunity to learn how to service and maintain pool equipment especially as the equipment becomes more technologically advanced .

Next November we will be traveling to Las Vegas for the 2020 International Pool and Spa expo. We are very excited for this event as we have never been and this is the worlds largest pool industry show.

Education, learning and training are all keys to success, here at Crowley Pool Service we strive to always be learning and to be the best that we can be. With technology taking over and new changes coming to the industry, training is more important than ever.

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