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Pool Closing Procedures:

Before our team arrives at your pool we will need the following:

1. Access to your pool, filter equipment, hose and timer.

2. Pool Cover, winter plugs and winter accessories left near pool


4. All chlorine tablets must be removed from chlorinators and skimmers prior to our arrival.

5. For Standard pool closings please have your pool as clean as possible, shock your pool prior to our arrival.

6. For water bag covers if water bags are filled prior to our arrival, we will offer a discount off the closing, discount applies only if all water bags are filled and placed around the pool prior to our arrival. If we have to fill water bags there will be no discount applied.

Failure to follow these directions may cause us to have to re-schedule to a later date.

We do not need anyone to be present at the time of closing, Due to unprecedented high demand this year and a very busy schedule we will not be able to provide exact arrival times, we do apologize for this but as long as we have access to the pool and pool equipment and the above steps are followed we will be able to complete the pool closing.

Pool Closing Process:

Upon arrival our team will remove all ladders/railing and accessories in pool. All Plugs will be removed from all pool equipment, equipment will be blown out and winterized. Cartridges and D.E filters will be removed and cleaned, once cleaned they will be re-installed into the filter tank. The pools plumbing (skimmers, returns, water features etc.) will be blow out and plugged. Anitfreeze will be added to skimmers once they are blown out. Winter cover will be installed once the pool and system are full winterized.

All small plugs, pressure gauges and similar items will be placed within the pump basket of the pool pump for the winter months. Skimmer baskets, eyeballs and any fittings will be placed together with the cover bag and ladders near the pool or in a requested area by our customers.

For safety covers, anchors that are stuck or stripped and cannot be raised, we will replace those anchors and install new ones. For water bag covers if water bags are old and leaking we will replace those when new ones. If any gizmos or plugs are damaged or worn causing lines not to seal we will have to replace those with new ones.

Once the pool has been winterized please do not touch any of the valves on your system. Opening valves may cause the main drain lines to become un air-locked and causing issues please do not touch the system once it’s been winterized. For cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters all filters will be removed, cleaned and reinstalled into the filter tank, The tank O-rings will be lubricated and checked and the tank will be tightened so that the system is ready for spring start up. If any components or O-rings need to be replaced we will make a note and replace either at closing or next spring at the pool opening.

Customers responsibility once your pool has been closed:

Once the pool cover is secured and the pool has been winterized it is the pool owners responsibility to maintain the pool and pool cover over the winter months. This includes draining and cleaning off the cover and ensuring the cover is secured to the pool at all times. For above ground pools this means loosening and tightening the cover winch as needed, above ground pool covers absolutely must be drained off and cleaned off as much as possible to prevent damage to the pool. Crowley pool service is not responsible for any damages caused over winter months after a pool has been closed.

Crowley Pool services offers a winter service to help maintain pools over the winter, this service is designed to drain and clean covers as well as add chemicals to help maintain not just the cover but the clarity of the pool over the winter months. We typically offer the service late November through December and during the winter when the weather allows work. For more information on the service please go to our website

We know there’s a lot of information here, our goal is to make the pool closing process as simple as possible for all of our customers. If you have any questions regarding your pool closing please let us know.

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