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Energy Efficiency For Pools is here! Time to Save $$$

Energy Efficiency is here!

The future of energy efficiency in the pool and spa industry is unfolding, thanks to a ruling by the Department of Energy. The DOE’s Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps sets July 2021 as the deadline by which variable-speed pumps will become mandatory for powering pool and spa filtration systems.

Starting this year, Crowley Pool Service will only install pumps and motors that meet the new DOE Standard. This means any new pump installation or replacement pump installation will meet the Department of Energy Standards for energy efficiency.

The benefits of Variable Speed pool Pumps:

Variable Speed Pool pumps run at much lower speeds than your traditional single speed pool pump. There are many benefits of Variable speed pumps:

Energy and Money Savings- Variable Speed Pumps Reduce Energy Costs significantly. Depending on the size of your pool a variable speed motor can use 50% to 75% less energy than traditional single speed motors and save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electrical bill.

Source: Energy Star

Flexible Programming-Variable Speed pumps allow us to program the pump to the proper flow rates needed for your pool. They also allow us to program timers so that the pump can run at different speeds at different times of the day. A Variable speed pump can be programmed as low as 600RPM for very slow water flow and as high as 3450RPM.

Slowing the flow down in your system and running for a longer period of time is going to save a ton of money in the long run. A pump running at 1200RPM for 24 hours is going to cost you a lot less than your single speed pool pump running at 3450RPM for just 8 hours!

Slower is better! Not only do Variable speed pumps save you a ton of money on energy they will also save you money on chemicals and maintenance costs. Benefits to slowing down the flow in you system include:

· Filter Lasting Longer – There will be less wear and tear on your filter (cartridges and DE screens) as water is moving through the system at a slower rate

· Filter Working Better – Your pool’s filter will filter better due to the lower speed of the water

· Clarity of Water – Filtering your pool for longer means the water will stay clearer and cleaner. Longer filtration also means less chances for algae development and growth.

· Chemicals Saving- Slowing the flow down and running the pump longer allows for better distribution of chemicals around the pool. This in the long term will cut down chemical usage and costs thru the season.

Quiet Operation-Traditional single speed motors need to run at 3,450 RPM’s which makes them loud. Variable speed pumps, however, can run as low as 600 RPM’s, this helps reduce their noise levels significantly.

Durability-Variable speed motors are fan-cooled and run at lower speeds. Therefore, the engine stays cooler which will help preserve the bearings and the motor itself.

Because single speed motor pumps are standard induction, they have vents which can allow water, debris, and critters inside which can damage the pump. Single speed pumps also run on high consistently which will allow the pump to wear down significantly faster.

Rebates- Most energy providers in Massachusetts have a rebate program for variable speed pool pump installation. We have seen up to $300 rebates given out in the past. We are working closely with our supplier, pump manufacturers and local energy providers to get rebate information for 2020.

As you can see there are many benefits to switching over to a Variable Speed pump. If you would like more information on Variable Speed Pumps please feel free to contact Crowley Pool Service. We will be happy to give you an assessment of your current pool pump and provide you with pricing and information towards becoming energy efficient.

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