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Pool Openings

We understand that everyone is busy, especially in the spring. Crowley Pool Service has two options to help assist with your spring pool opening.

Option 1. Basic Pool Opening Package:

Remove and fold cover

• Re-install filter system

• Start up filter system

• Check for leaks

• Install handrails and ladders

• Install skimmer baskets

• Install return jets

(Chemicals, cleaning and parts can be added for an additional cost.)

Option 2: Full Opening Package:

Remove and fold cover

• Wash and clean cover

• Reinstall filter system

• Start up filter system

• Check for leaks

• Install handrails and ladders

•Test and balance pool water.

• Initial vacuum to waste, skimming of debris and brushing walls.

(We will make return cleaning visits to vacuum, skim, and brush pool until pool is clean, clear and balanced.)

This package will ensure that you will have a crystal-clear pool after our services are completed. Note that this may take multiple visits over the period of a few days. The number of visits required will be at the discretion of Crowley Pool Service and pricing may vary based on the number of visits required.

Green pools, excessive debris, excessive chemical usage, salt, and filter system performance all may alter pricing.


If you have questions or would like more information on any of our service packages let us know.

Another Great add on to your pool opening is our Pool deck pressure cleaning service. Check out some of last years pressure cleaning jobs we did below:

To schedule let us know which option you would like to go with and we will send you an opening contract.



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