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Weekly Pool Maintenance Guide and Common Questions Explained

Weekly Pool Maintenance Guide

Follow these steps weekly:

ONE: SANITIZE.(salt pools ignore this step)

ADD Chlorine tabs/sticks to your chlorinator/ floating chlorinator weekly. ALWAYS maintain a 1.0 to 3.0 ppm chlorine reading. This will keep chlorine in your pool keeping away bacteria and algae and helping to maintain a clear pool.


You should SHOCK to your pool at least once a week or as needed to sanitize and kill off any bacteria or algae in your pool. Always shock at night. leave your solar cover off & filter on all night. Do not swim for 8-12 hours after shocking. If using powered shock be sure to brush after adding or staining can occur. Shock is a term for super chlorinating your pool, super chlorinating raises your chlorine level to disinfect and kill of any contaminants that may be in your water. (salt pools turn your output to 100% or super chlorinate, you only need to do this if chlorine levels are low in your pool check your chlorine level and salt level weekly.)


TEST your pools chemical balance at least once a week. This will keep your pool balanced and safe to swim. Make sure to always test your water after rain, the rain will throw off the balance of the chemicals. Keeping your chemicals in balance will protect you and your pool from any harmful side affects. Test strips are the easiest way to test the water. For a more accurate test use a liquid drop test.

Note: Crowley Pool Service offers digital water testing. We will digitally analyze your water and email you with the results.


VACUUM your pool at least 1-2 times per week. Debris in your pool will begin to break down and can cause algae to form.

BRUSH your pool weekly. Even if your pool is clean and clear algae can begin to form on the surfaces of your pool. it is critical to brush your pool as much as possible.

SKIM the surface of your pool as much as possible. Skimming will prevent debris from sinking to the bottom of your pool and will minimize the amount of vacuuming that will need to be done.

CLEAN and empty your skimmer baskets weekly. These baskets will become full and need to be emptied. Full baskets will restrict the flow to your filter putting stress on your pool pump which can cause damage.


Your pool filter should run 10-12hours a day to allow the water to be properly filtered and circulated thru out the pool. Be sure to watch the filter pressure and backwash and clean your filter as needed. the better your pool circulates the less likely of algae or any problems beginning to develop.

If you see any sign of water issues (algae, metal staining, cloudy water, colored water etc. Please call Crowley Pool Service. The faster we can treat it the easier and and less expensive it will be to treat.

Common Questions:

Why is Total Alkalinity important?

It helps keep your pH stabilized. Without a balanced Total Alkalinity, pH cannot be controlled and will not stay at proper levels.

Why is pH important?

If pH is low, it will cause skin & eye irritation and can cause the liner to wrinkle. If pH is high, it can cause cloudy water & scale. Either a high or low pH will cause poor chlorine efficiency which costs you more money to sanitize your pool.

How often should I vacuum my pool?

Every situation is different depending on the location, number of trees, road dirt, etc. Most people vacuum once a week. Try and get leaves and debris out as soon as possible as they will breakdown and could stain the liner in the pool.

Should I run my filter everyday? YES! 10-12 hours a day. The more the filter runs the cleaner and safer your pool will be. A Pool should have 2-3 turnovers of the water per day to keep it clean and as safe as possible.

What should I do if I get cloudy water?Start with cleaning the filter, add in a water clarifier preferable a concentrated clarifier. Its important to run filter 24- 48hrs straight to ensure water is filtering. Be sure to check chemical levels any chemical imbalance may cause the water to stay cloudy. Super-Chlorination may also be needed to help oxidize contaminants.

How often should I backwash or rinse the filter?

When the pressure on the gauge goes up 8 – 10 psi or theflow of water returning to the pool slows down.

How do I prevent algae?

Follow your Weekly Maintenance & make sure you chemically clean your filter mid –season. Weekly maintenance must include using a wall brush to brush your pool walls and floor. Failure to do so will result in problems with the water.

Where does algae come from?Algae are microscopic plant life that can enter the pool by swimmers or weather. Once they are seen with the naked eye, elimination may be difficult, time consuming and expensive.

What do I do if I accidentally get a problem?

Call Crowley Pool Service and we will guide you thru any problem you may have.

When should I close my pool?

Whenever you’re finished swimming. Most people close mid-September, but if the weather is warm & you want to swim - leave it open.

Common Items to keep on hand:

Bucket of Chlorine Tabs

Ph Up and Ph Down

Shock-Powder or Liquid

Alkalinity Up

Bottle of Algicide

Pool Net, Brush, Pole

Crowley Pool Service offers chemical balancing and troubleshooting as well as maintenance and cleaning services, we strive to help make owning a pool as easy and affordable as possible.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment 781-801-3539.

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